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The Southern Kings Podcast, hosted by Dillon and Amy (Duggar) King, discusses life, marriage, relationships and family, and provides encouragement and inspiration to its listeners. The Kings' straightforward and humorous approach to life allows them to discuss hard topics like infidelity, commitment and sex. They also use their real life situations and past experiences to offer advice to others in similar circumstances. They involve listeners on a weekly basis through call-in interviews and topics gathered from Amy and Dillon’s Instagram pages (@amyrachelleking, @kingdillpickle). The Southern Kings Podcast is really about you, the listener – no topic is off-limits, so the discussions are always fun, new, and exciting!


May 9, 2017

In our first episode, we're diving into what makes a good relationship. We talk about how important it is to communicate, and how men and women communicate differently. We talk about the importance of "love languages," and how knowing them has helped us in our marriage. Dillon shares some "tips" he learned online, and we talk about a recent miscommunication we experienced. Plus, we talk about what you can expect to hear on the show each week and why we wanted to do a podcast!